CBP Harasses Black US Diplomat

June 1, 2020 | By eric.terzuolo | Filed in: US Government Operations.

A truly shocking and appalling story of systematic Customs and Border Protection (CBP) harassment of a young, Black US diplomat who was posted in Mexico and often needed to cross the border back into the US. Regrettably, she also did not feel herself protected and supported by State Department leadership.

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2 comments on “CBP Harasses Black US Diplomat

  1. Maurice Parker says:

    I was disgusted reading the article about the Black female FSO in Ciudad Juarez who was compelled to resign following her unrelenting harassment by CBP. I am a retired Black SFS FSO and served as Consul General in Ciudad Juarez 2002 – 2004. The fact that Tatiana had to endure this humiliation and harassment is the fault of a disinterested, cowardly or racist Consul General. Unequal treatment of his/her employees should not have been tolerated. These matters can be worked out informally, or formally. I’m also disappointed that my friend Carol Perez allowed a Black officer to resign under such traumatic circumstances. Only 3 percent of FSO’s are
    Black. That’s a decrease from the 5 percent when I entered State in 1974. Shame on the DG! Please have this officer contact me at my email address. I would be happy to speak with her. I know what she had to endure without the support of her supervisors, or DG/HR. – Maurice Parker, Ambassador (Ret).

  2. Don says:

    I don’t doubt she was harassed by CBP but find it questionable it’s because she’s black. I’m a white guy who served at a border post and was also harassed by CBP on a daily basis. My white wife was too. Our CG did nothing about it and neither did the overlords in Mexico City.

    I do agree with the Ambassador’s assessment that the CJ CG is probably disinterested or a coward. That’s commonplace in the FS. During my ten years as an FSO it was a rare occurrence when a decent leader emerged – especially among career consular officers which the CJ CG is. Tavenner is also a member of the CA Mexico mafia which long ago needed to be dismantled. People like Carol Perez and Ian Brownlee are part of the problem and not the solution. Whose decision was it to make a woman with only five overseas tours (including two to Italy and two to Spain) the DG?

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